About Us

MCN brings together companies of excellence to provide exceptional service,
competitive pricing and experience for all floor coverings, bedding ensembles
and window furnishing projects.


MCN Network & Experience

MCN has selected the key retailers in each region in order to provide an exceptional level of service to our customers.  MCN continuously monitors the performance, and response times of all contractors. MCN’s contractors are expected to meet KPI’s in order remain a part of the MCN network.  Our aim is to provide customers with access to exceptional pricing and outstanding service with our network of contractors all of who have excellent industry track records and expertise.

MCN has a network of over 100 preferred contractors Australia wide.  MCN is not aligned with any one franchise group and is able to access approximately 95% of the products available on the market.  MCN is able to offer a full range of flooring products, bedding ensembles and window furnishings.

Pricing Advantages

Due to the size and scope of MCN’s business, MCN has been able to work directly with manufacturers to ensure better wholesale prices to our network.  In many cases, our contractors are able to buy better for MCN jobs than they would normally be able to buy through their own group arrangements.  MCN is the only company in Australia that is able to offer exclusive manufacturer pricing outside of a carpet group or franchise arrangement and MCN is the only company in Australia that allows a retailer to buy better than their franchise agreement.



All installations are completed according to manufacturer specifications and to Australian Standards.  All contractors comply with relevant Worksafe and Occupational Health & Safety Requirements.  All installations are covered by a 12 month installation guarantee.  Products are covered by manufacturer warrantees.  Extended warrantees are available on selected lines.


Requesting Quotes

When a request is forwarded to the MCN office (via phone, fax or email) MCN will allocate a local MCN contractor to arrange for a site measure and/or quote to be completed.  MCN will ensure contact is made within 12 hours of the request to quote being received.   In the majority of cases, within 24 hours, MCN will provide a written quotation detailing the total cost to supply the floor coverings, bedding ensemble and/or window furnishing.


Approved Works

A written authorisation is required in order to proceed with any quote.  Once an authorisation has been received by MCN, arrangements will be made to complete the works in a timely manner.  Central billing can be arranged or invoices for completed work can be issued by the MCN contractor.